Restaurante Cad'oro

The Ca'd'Oro was responsible for introducing in Brazil, Northern Italian cuisine, dominated the game meat as partridges, quails, pheasants, rabbit, duck, delicate pasta, the "mixed bollito" of Piedmont, (cooked assortment) creamy polenta, the osso buco Veal Carpaccio and, among other dishes that did not exist in São Paulo canteens and pizzerias.

Among the dishes most remarkable stories in the Ca'd'Oro is the risotto with saffron alla milanese Risotto. At first, the customer was surprised, complained said to be a "pope with medicine taste." Fabrizio Guzzoni, the founder, insisted it had brought consecrated recipes, in which trusted and was sure it would be well accepted, although estranhadas earlier. As might be expected, the potential of the local public was proven while gradually 'acquired taste' refined, and the dish won the society.

Shortly after the opening of the restaurant one afternoon at the end of the workday, Guzzoni was accompanied by friends to a "bar" near the corner of the avenues Ipiranga and São João. He sat at the counter and asked what the best selling appetizer and served him a classic caipirinha drips. He had never experienced, he loved it, and decided to serve in their restaurant. Brazilian waiters working in Ca'd'Oro were concerned and warned that the caipirinha was made with cachaça, pubs drink should never be served in local "fine" because it would be hard rejected by all customers of high paulistana society that was beginning frequenting the restaurant. Confident in their taste and tact, he insisted it was delicious. He had a principle: "what is good sell." He changed ice pieces by crushed ice, produced a fancier presentation, foreign loved, was the best-selling drink in the restaurant and then the hotel. Thus, the Ca'd'Oro, the change was seen before the bad reputation that led to Caipirinha, to be finally recognized and appreciated.